Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Another hot one! But, we all got alot done. Sally returns from Alaska tonight, so she will be back at Shiloh tomorrow morning. I know she missed all the horses, especially seeing Little Sunday.

Another day of wound cleaning. Stetson had a new wound, a puncture on his leg from going into the Mesquite trees. His friend Laramie (pictured below with Stetson) was very upset when we took Stetson out to treat him, once we put him back into the Big Pasture, both horses took off together and galloped back to their favorite spot. It was cute seeing the old guys showing some spunk and attitude.

Elisa started riding the Thoroughbred Lexington in Western tack (video of him at the walk below) which has made a great improvement in his attitude. He always got himself so worked up over little things, but the more laid back riding style appeals to him and he is much happier. We think he will make a great trail horse for someone, he is a beautiful gelding.

Here is little Daisy playing in the mud!

Looks who not a baby anymore! Will is five months old today!
Sy and his friend, Jericho in Area 51.

Katy cools of in the Bungalow's water tub...

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