Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We picked up Olympia today from the AC corrals. The Hickey Family helped us facilitate her "adoption", they met us at Horseman's Park early this morning. We had planned on trying to adopt her the whole time, but we really wanted AC to go through their process. Shiloh felt a great responsibility toward Olympia since she had originally been on Shiloh's property. She is safe now and we will be re-evaluating her next week. We still beleive their is something wrong with her hind end, something is just not right there.

HUGE thanks to everyone who helped keep the pressure on AC and the County- it made a difference and we are going to stay on their Butts! From now on, the "Shiloh Buttkickers" are in full force for horses!

Olympia in Mesquite Manor today...
There she is!
Her neighbor Falcon, a special needs horse.
Hummingbird, Olympia's other neighbor and another special needs Shiloh horse.

Jill and Sally are off to Montreal tomorrow for a few days. The Shiloh Documentary is being shown at a Canadian Film Festival and Tony is having an Art Show of his paintings at a gallery. We will be posting from the road along with "you know who"!

A busy day today, but we think everything is in order so we can go out of town and not have to worry (at least too much)!


the 4 D's said...

Thank's Jill and Sally ,was a great day . We made Olympia safe and happy

Sharil said...

First, Welcome home OLYMPIA. You have certenly earned the GOLD medal for trail and tribulations.

Second, Jill and Sally, you two are the most courgas women ever. What hearts and strong beleaves you have. Not for one second did you give up! You two are my life mentors

Third, I personally would like to Thank everyone for all the emails and calls that you made. What a difference it has made in Olympia life and all other horses to come..

Sharil said...

Cont: from above

Miracles do come true!!!!!! :)

"When I count my blessings, I count my horses twice"

Luv4Horses (Lisa) said...

HHUURRAAYY! Olympia is home!
I think I speak for myself and
everyone who loves horses, that
this day is the best day ever.
And with all of us fighting for
these horses and making our voices
heard, I pray that there will be
many more days like this to come.

To Dave Hickey, Jill and Sally and
all the volunteers at Shiloh, and
to everyone who fought for Olympia
and to those who keep fighting, God
Bless you all. You may not see the
reward now, but you will be greatly
rewarded from the big guy upstairs
one day, so please let that give
you peace in your hearts. Thank
you so much for all that you do.

It is so nice to see pictures of
her (Olympia) this morning at Shiloh, she looks so peaceful now.