Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Very hot out there today!

Well, it's official, Pig Newton has gone Rouge out in Sandy Valley! He joined up with Kevin Bacon last week, and off they went. We searched for him last week and he was finally found at Sandy Valley Ranch, across the street from Shiloh, where Kevin bacon likes to hang out. Pig Newton is doing great, so is Kevin. Who knew? I assume he will wander back with Kevin on his weekly visits to Shiloh... I know Oscar Meyer is ecstatic with the news, he now has Sonny and Cher all to himself!

Lots of work today. Lots of wounds to clean, Whiskey has a sore, as does Zoolander. Zoo was taken in from the pasture into the Bungalows for a few days for treatment. We finally caught Tecate in Big Vacation Village so we can treat his eyes. He is on antibiotics and is staying in the Mare Motel while he is worked on. Sunday's eye was treated multiple times, he and Sitka are doing great. Adopted horse, Rookie got his eye meds, Tanis' wound was cleaned, and Trooper's was checked. Mendoza's proud flesh wound was cleaned and rewrapped, it is looking better. Have wound bucket, will travel...

The Farrier was out working on horses. Sadler had his shoe tacked back on, Echo Echo was worked on, as well as Arson, and adopted horses, Jet and Balboa were also shod.

Sabine was out this afternoon riding horses and Elisa worked some horses this morning.

Soot was whinnying like crazy for his Equine Senior, so all looks good there!

Big thanks to everyone who was helping out today. I had to rush out of there to get to Tony's dentist appointment, I was late, but we made it. :o)

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spoiledrottensavvy said...

We need not mention Jet charged on 2 counts of domestic violence (the farrier and Blahnik) *hangs head in shame* Thanks for the bute though, he is feeling much better!