Monday, August 4, 2008

More pictures from the weekend!

First off: SUNDAY UPDATE! Sunday is doing good, eating on his own, although he still gets a helping hand from time to time. He was up and exploring the outside run this morning and took some naps inside the stall. Looks like all is well!

Here are some pictures from the other activities at Shiloh over the last few days. It was the usual busy weekend.

Bathing beauties- Rookie and Kobe are washed.

Jill's personal staff.

The Gummies, Jackson and Abilene get some attention...

Kevin Bacon was back, he seems to come over every Saturday now. He is in love with Tanis...

Seemore and Poker, the Pahrump auction horses, were put out into the Area 51 Pasture. They seemed very happy and are close friends.

Yvonne and her adopted horse, Fortune. Long time supporters might remember that Fortune had some major medical issues in the first few months of her life. She was in the clinic for Spinal Menanjitis when she was a week old and again at about 3 months for emergency colic surgery. She is now over a year old and getting huge! She looks fantastic and is the light of Yvonne's life.

Lori works with Blue Moon.

Hoops in the Fear Factor Pen.

Jenny rides her adopted horse, Kobe. He has now been renamed Colbert. They look great together!

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