Sunday, August 17, 2008

Olympia UPDATE

We just had a call from the Brand Inspector who told us that a Dept of Ag official is sitting in Olympia's old owner's driveway as I post this (on a Sunday morning even)! They must have gotten pressure, thanks to everyone's emails, calls, etc to finally do something! That is all I know for now, but just wanted everyone to know!

Let's all keep up the pressure for the horses! You guys are AWESOME!

I will be posting more later today about anything else we learn and about the weekend at the rescue.

Thank you!
Jill Curtis


KellyByrd1 said...

Woohoo! I don't know what their policies are- hopefully there is no 'reunification' effort- they certainly don't deserve to own an animal!!! As a matter of fact, there should be a law that those who have been proven unfit animal owners should not be able to own another animal... Hope Olympia gets the vet care she needs now, as hopefully her previous owners are painfully fined!!!!! Way to go, Shiloh! By the way, Soot is such a love I just want to put him in my guest room... His kind, appreciative, and patient eyes seem to know that there has been a lot of love for him lately...

Luv4Horses said...

It's amazing that when you send someone, (The Animal Control Joe Boteilho, the enforcement director) an email that you are going to have his local tv news do an investigation on them what they will do. It seems that the media is the way to go to get the job done. Everyone knows that once the media gets involved, it's a losing battle for the bad guys. The media is only allowed to report the truth, so everyone knows that if they do an investigation, then it's right on the money. I've been praying for Olympia to be safe and happy. I hope she is able to come back to Shiloh with all of her expenses paid by the previous owner! That would be great. Olympia is worth every bit of fight and time we all put into this to make our voices heard. Let's keep making those phone calls and emails until we see results. I wish I could see a picture of her (Olympia)again. A picture of her showing how happy she is. She has been through a rough time in her life. I'm looking forward in reading an update on her, I pray it will be an awesome update in her favor!

Andrea said...

YAY!! I've passed this story onto a couple of other sites (Tony's fans and an artists group) so hopefully mail will keep trickling in to the news on this. Keep the pressure on some!!