Monday, August 18, 2008

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Well, the AC was up in arms today!

We had a call first thing from someone who I think said he is the spokesperson for AC. He was all too happy to inform me that Shiloh is in California. Those of you who have been to Shiloh know that we are about 1/2 mile on the CA side of Sandy Valley. A totally rural part of CA, the closest CA "town" I guess is Baker, about 80 miles from Shiloh. I informed the man that this is not a "Shiloh Problem", that it is horse and animal loving people in the community, including Shiloh supporters, who are expressing their concern. It's not just Shiloh on a vendetta to get AC, or as he said, "to give AC a black eye".

Anyway, since Shiloh is in CA, I was informed that it's really not their problem. That horses dumped in "CA" are not in their jurisdiction. Even though the horses and owners are from NV. And also that unless we have an eye witness or photograph of a person actually taking the horse out of a trailer and letting it go in the desert to die, that we did not have proof of a dumped horse. Even though the person says, "I will be dumping this horse in the desert" and two days later the exact same horse wanders into a ranch from the desert. I can tell you that most people are not even aware that a small part of Sandy Valley is in CA.

We knew they would play the CA card, it's so ridiculous it's almost laughable. The fact that we were in CA didn't matter in the past when they wanted to sign a horse over to us, but now that we have some questions, suddenly, we are in CA and have nothing to do with NV. It's insane.

So, the Brand Inspector supposedly went to Olympia's owners house to talk to him. Of course, the owner claims that I said yes that we would take the horse. If that were the case, why did Shiloh immediately call Metro, The Brand Inspector, and Animal Control to report a dumping? Were the Shiloh volunteers, most of them women, there that Sunday morning supposed to wrestle the man to the ground, shove the horse back in the trailer, and make him leave? The volunteers were afraid of the guy, as anyone would be. Why do they believe him over us? We were also told that it is "after all only a misdemeanor, Shiloh would not benefit at all." We said, we don't want to benefit, we want there to be a punishment for dumping a horse to die!!!! Like, we want something out of this. All we want is for the AC to get a good program in place to take in unwanted horses, to do their job they get paid to do. Even if we are in CA, shouldn't our AC take possession of a dumped horse, call the San Bernardino AC, and transfer the horse over to them. Why is that our responsibility? We are a volunteer run organization that runs on donations!

Anyway, I did speak to a reporter who sounded very interested in doing a story about this. They are supposed to get back to me about coming out. He was extremely interested in hearing our side of the story.

I'll tell you, we heard almost every excuse today about why they don't need to be involved and that we are trying to hurt their reputation.

We, the Horse Community, have to take a stand and become the voice for horses. It is ILLEGAL to dump a horse, or any animal, in the desert to die! Let's keep up the pressure!


Eric Clayton said...

Of course the played the CA card. I really hope the media pulls through and we can expose this. Sounds like AC may be learning a few sneaky bits from the BLM.

the 4 D's said...
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the 4 D's said...

I sent 2 Emails to the president of the California Animal control in the san B area

Jenny K. said...

Oh it makes me so mad that AC is willing to sign horses over to Shiloh when it suits them, and when it helps them out, but when you want them to investigate a crime, suddenly you're Californians, and should take your problems to San Bernardino! What jerks!!!

Andrea said...

Well, if they want us to contact the californian side, how about start at the top with the Govenor? He's at

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-445-2841
Fax: 916-558-3160 ( new number )

Just a thought.....!

Andrea said...

Another thought - if we got clarification from Arnie's office that, if the offence of horse dumping was committed in Nevada then it's Nevada AC that have to deal, completely irrelevant that Shiloh's in California, then AC can't argue. Might be worth whipping off a few faxes to the Gov's office.

Cheryl said...

Typical bureaucratic "doublespeak"! I understand your frustration. Keep in touch with the reporter. He'll get something done!

Luv4Horses (Lisa) said...

I just received information from Dave March at the Clark County Animal Control and he said that the Mandatory lift on Olympia and been expired and now they are adopting her out. I tried to get a hold of Jill at Shiloh to tell her the news, but I can't seem to get a hold of anyone. I left messages. If anyone reads this comment, can they contact Jill and let her know. They responded to me by saying that they have not heard from Jill at Shiloh saying that she has any interest in adopting Olympia, and that they are currently looking for someone to adopt her. I want her to go to a good home, so please help me out by contacting Jill Curtis! I sent a copy of the email that Dave March sent me to Jill Curtis. I just hope she gets the news in time to possibly adopt Olympia or maybe she knows of someone who wants to adopt her. They need to call Dave March at this number:
David March
Animal Control Supervisor

Here is the response I received from him today:

Thank you for your response. We have not received any indication from Jill Curtis that Shiloh is interested in adopting the horse. We are currently seeking an adopter as the mandatory hold period has expired.


David March

the 4 D's said...

Olympia will be picked up in the morning

Luv4Horses (Lisa) said...

I received an email from Mark Whitehead from KVBC news. He
sent this following message:

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for the email.
We did read in a blog where those concerned were asked to contact the various media outlets.

Pass along that we are waiting for information we requested and will then decide what the next step will be.

Thanks again,

So I believe things are still in motion with the media on this issue with Olympia. I see a response from "the 4 d's" that Olympia was going to be picked up this morning? I was wondering who will be picking her up or where she will be going? I'm just really concerned for her and care deeply about her, like so many others out there.

"the 4 d's" if you are picking up Olympia and adopting her to take care of her, I commend you and God Bless you. You're a great person. I just want to see her go to a great and loving home.