Friday, August 8, 2008

Soot Update Friday Morning

Soot made it through the night, although he got a bit worse and then a little bit better. The vet can still reflux fluids off of his stomach, but the small intestine impaction has diminished a little bit. The larger colon impaction however has not changed or moved at all, which is not good and is puzzling to the vet. We are not sure if there is possibly a stone or something else causing blockage somewhere.

Soot is showing some attitude, which is a good sign, but the vet thinks we may still lose the battle. Since he is continuing to fight and he made it through the night, we are continuing the fluids and treatments through the day today. Surgery is not an option for this old guy, so we are doing everything else we can. We do not want Soot to suffer, so if it gets any worse, we will need to have him put to sleep.

I will keep everyone updated...

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