Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sooty Update Saturday Morning

I just got off the phone with the vet, Sooty turned a corner last night! He is looking much better today!

He is not out of the woods, but he is starting to drink on his own, he is ravenous for food, and he is passing manure. His rectal exam is looking much better as well.

The next plan of action is to remove his IV fluids this morning and let him start to eat a little bit and drink on his own. He will be remaining in the clinic until Monday and will be wtched very closely.

We are still keeping our fingers crossed, but we are all feeling much better- including Soot!


KellyByrd1 said...

Hello Everyone!
Well- I go out of town, and all heck breaks out! So- there was a reason for Sitka to not seem like she was acting quite right! Bless her little beautiful heart! And how fabulous is her colt??? What a little love! Poor Soot- hoping he makes a full recovery soon, so he can enjoy his life at Shiloh- I'm sure he deserves it. Jill and Sally- I live in the northwest, so if you need anyone to go by the vet to check on the kids let me know. The carrot brigade will be at Shiloh tomorrow. Hope all are well- Kelly Byrd

Sharil said...

Sooty, You are on the home stretch! I will be waiting to give you a nice COOL and well deserved bath..We miss you at Shiloh

shilohsally said...

Thanks to all who are holding "down the fort" at Shiloh. We could not do it without all of you. I am praying for Sitka, Soot and little Sunday. I just got internet access today but Jill is keeping me updated with text messages. I miss you all but having a great time in Alaska! Love you all, Sally

Mikey said...

YAYYYY!!! So glad to hear that!!

Cheri said...

Another miracle at Shiloh! The karma must be so great coming from
all the caring horse lovers and
emanating from Jill and Sally who make it all happen for all of us who want to help and make a difference. I am so happy to see how much everyone pitched in to help Sitka and Sunday. Jill would have done it anyway, but now she will be able to help others that may need it. Great job Shiloh lovers, you are all so awesome!

Andrea said...