Friday, August 15, 2008


This has been an emotionally exhausting day for all of us.

Animal Control DID NOT bring Olympia into Desert Pines, or any vet, like they specifically told us they would. Instead, they took her to the AC corrals at Horseman's Park off of Boulder Hwy and Flamingo.

I called the vet first thing this morning and was told that no AC horse was brought in. So I immediately called AC and asked why the horse had not been seen by a vet as they promised. I was told that it was "because the person at Shiloh did not sign the paperwork to turn ownership of the horse over to AC and to have the horse euthanised." I said again that SHILOH DID NOT OWN THE HORSE, WE NEVER ALLOWED THE HORSE TO BE SIGNED OVER TO US. (AC was called about her the very morning she was left. They never got back to anyone.)) Of course, we got in a huge argument. I asked what was going to happen now to the horse, he said he did not know. I asked if the vet was going to see it, he said the horse will be evaluated and then possibly placed up for adoption. I said even if she is lame? He was extremely hostile to me, trying to make it out as our fault. It's INSANE!!!! I called Desert Pines, who was told not to give out any info on the horse to us. (It's not their fault, they would if they could.) Shiloh drove by the AC corrals this afternoon to see what was going on, Olympia was there, and thankfully, not three legged lame right now. (But still moving odd behind.)

I then asked what they were doing about America, he said the man was being prosecuted. I said how is that going to happen when we have the horse at Shiloh, still never seen once by an AC officer? I asked who was going to pay the horses feed bill for the last two months, since Shiloh does not own it, has had no AC paperwork done on the horse, and the horse is supposedly being used as evidence? He said "I don't know". So far, Shiloh has paid approx $350.00 of our money to care for her. Trust me, they ARE NOT going after her owner, we were told by the Brand Inspector that the AG Dept and the AC dropped the ball and stopped working on it. So there America sits at Shiloh, we are paying for her, but don't own her, and cannot adopt her out to a new home.

Here are just some of the other horses AC should have helped with, but didn't:

Zoolander- found loose in the desert by a Sandy Valley neighbor who brought him to Shiloh. When AC was notified by Shiloh the same day, we were told that since they "don't know who owns the horse, I guess it's yours." No paperwork, etc done. Zoo is crippled and has to remain at Shiloh.

Desert Rose- Found laying on side of road with a broken leg, shoulder, and jaw, brought to Shiloh by an outraged and concerned horse loving neighbor. Shiloh had the horse for about 15 minutes before it was driven into vet by Shiloh. Horse was x-rayed and euthanised. Her owner had tried to dump her at Shiloh the night before, but we said they had to take the horse home and call AC. When we called AC about the horse while she was being treated with emergency care, they refused to see her and Shiloh was stuck paying the $1000.00 vet bill. No charges were EVER sought, even though we gave them the owner's telephone number, name and address.

The horse who was found starving in the desert by a NV woman last year, who called Shiloh. We were unable to go to help the horse (we had a medical emergency) and told them to call AC. AC refused to help, claiming the horse must be a Mustang. BLM was called who claimed the horse must be a domestic. The woman had to go out with a friend's trailer and pick up the horse herself and keep it.

All the people who had AC called out on them for horse abuse or neglect, who were told "they have to sign the horse directly over to Shiloh, OR they would be fined for abuse neglect". Shiloh took these horses in and used our money to care for them, etc. If the horses were abused or neglected- AC should be obligated to fine them, no matter where the horse ends up! It is against the law to abuse or neglect an animal!

I watch Animal Cops Houston, those AC officers go in and make owners pay and be responsible! Our AC does NOTHING, but take the easy way out and wait for someone to take the horse off their hands. Out of sight, out of mind.

We need your help, this is a community's problem, not just ours. Animal Control has got to get a consistent program in place to take in the unwanted, abused, or neglected horses in our County. When slaughter finally stops, we need the legal authority that is all ready in place, to prosecute people and hold them accountable.

Why shouldn't people just dump their horses to die in the desert? Absolutely NOTHING is done to them to hold them accountable, they don't even get a ticket! This is only going to get worse.

Who should we contact? I' not sure. That's why I thought if I post this, maybe you all can help us out.

Here are some places to start:

Channel 3----

On the main page to the right is a link for News 3 Investigates, log in and make complaint

Channel 8 ----

You can call the I-team at 702-792-8874 or email Email George Knapp at

Channel 13—

Click on the Contact 13, then click on Call for Action and send email

Channel 4---

Joe Boteilho—County Code Enforcement Director (Clark County Animal Control)
Contact: Joe Boteilho, Code Enforcement Administrator Phone: (702) 455-8178 Email:

NV Livestock Identification/ Dept of Ag


the 4 D's said...

Hey Everyone I have called and sent emails to all News channels and left messages I need your help with follow up calls and Emails


Amber said...

Okay, I did my part and sent emails. Come on everyone!! If everbody just sent one email and then told their horse friends, we might be able to get something done!!!!

We're behind you Jill!
The McMahon Family

Cheri said...

I wrote to county commision Tom
Collins too. Every little bit might help. I know him from working with his wife, and know what sincere people they are, and
his love of animals. Hope he can help!
Jill, you are strong and true, we will help you thru this and don't ever doubt yourself for a minute!

Amy DeCuir said...

Though new, I've also sent emails to all the news stations and have called as well. What Animal Control has done and has been doing is outrageous. If there is anything else I can do, please let me know! I'm sure together we can bring this out into the open and open more eyes!

Sharil said...

I sent out emails last night and have already been contacted by Mark Whitehead of KVBC. Please do not just stop at one email or one phone call. We must flood all avenues with this information until they do something about it!!
Since horses cant talk, we will do the talking for them. So lets all be LOUD and CLEAR..

Please call or email the producer below..

Mark Whitehead
Investigative Producer
KVBC Channel 3 NBC
(702) 657-3177

Luv4Horses said...

I live in Michigan and I keep logging into Shiloh's website. I also donate to Shiloh because I know how great everyone there is and how genuinely they care for their horses. I can call and email Mark Whitehead, but I think another thing that will help is calling your Congressmen or Senator and let them know that the law through Clark County AC is not being done and you are outraged. Even contact your Governor. Sometimes they want to please their constituents because they are kind or they want to be re-elected when the time comes. But I would contact one of those people as well. What happens to Olympia now? Can Shiloh get her back and have someone like me virtually sponsor her? I would hate to see her get adopted by someone that doesn't care or may mistreat her.

Andrea said...

Pardon the language, but f*cking b*stards,.....
OK, they're getting mail from England now......

Luv4Horses said...

I emailed all three email address that was listed on Shiloh's blog and I plan on calling Mike Whitehead a little later. I live in Michigan so I'm 3 hours ahead of everyone there in California. I'll be nice enough to let him have his coffee first, but I'm calling him real soon. It's probably only 6:45 over there right now. I knew this was going to happen to Olympia once AC came and got her. Now I'm furious! You don't want to piss off a Sicilian, especially a sicilian who loves horses a great deal! This is why we can't turn horses away until something is done with the law and horse slaughter is no longer an option. Now who knows what is going to happen to Olympia.
I pray that God keeps her safe and happy.

Concerned said...

For the future can you instead deal with the San Bernardino county ac since you are actually in Calif? This doesn't solve the Nev. problem but maybe you could obtain better service for the horses until changes are made by Clark Cty?

Jenny K. said...

Okay, I put my two-cents in too! I copied Shiloh in on my e-mail to George Knapp, so hopefully Jill and Sally will get a copy. I hope it is compelling enough to get someone interested in investigating this matter!

Found art blog said...

Don't know if a snail mail letter writing campaign will work or even make a difference, but I've put the word out anyway!!
At least it'll keep you guys in the news services's mind!!