Monday, August 11, 2008

Back at Shiloh

To lighten the mood a little from my last posting!

We were able to finally pick up Soot, Sitka and Sunday from the clinic and bring them home.

I got the vet bill for Sitka and Sunday's vet care- the final total was $979.09, less then the vet had estimated (thankfully). So that leaves a total of $470.91 left over from the $1450.00 of donations from you all. If no one objects, I would like to out the remaining money into paying for Soot's emergency vet care. His total bill came to $2362.00. If anyone would like their donation to count toward something else, that is no problem, please email Jill at to let us know. We want everyone to know just where their money is going. We appreciate all the support from all the Shiloh Horse Supporters!

Sitka's foot was x-rayed and discussed with all the vets at the clinic and with their Farrier. It was decided by all to leave Sitka's foot alone. It is not thought that any fancy shoeing or heroics will change anything for her. Her foot has regrown itself to compensate for her issues and stabilize her leg, it's best to leave well enough alone. She is having some major breakdown of the tip of her Coffin Bone (in her foot), which is causing her pain and which will probably be her undoing in the future. We are to keep her as comfortable as we can with pain meds (safe for Sunday) and watch her. We are not sure how long we can keep her comfortable, but Sunday needs his mom. We will do everything we can do for her.

Sunday is doing very well, he is very spunky and is starting to run circles around his mom. He is wearing leg wraps on his hind legs to support his legs a bit. They will come off at the end of the week. His ulcerated eye is an issue, but we are continuing the aggressive treatment with ointments and plasma. He also had some x-rays of his knees and hocks, as is common in most preemies, his bones are a little soft (more cartlidge than bone). He just has to stay in his Bungalow for a few weeks, no turn out in the large arenas. He has plenty of room in his area to play around though.

Sitka and Sunday get some sleep, they have had a busy weekend!

Soot in his barn stall. He looks much happier now! He still has recovery time ahead of him, but he is home and comfortable now.

I have named the new Mare "Olympia" in honor of the Olympics.

Below is a picture of America, looking much better.


the 4 D's said...


Amber said...

What great news!!! The picture of Sitka and Sunday is priceless. It's wonderful to know that they are all home and doing well. It puts a smile on my face. :)

Cheri said...

what great pictures! And Soot coming back is such a miracle. Sitkas hoof may be beyond repair,
but we tried, and I know everyone will help her as much as possible with Sunday.
I know how upsetting the horse dumping is becoming. It
could really get out of hand. So again, lets help and let all the
media we know about this problem!
lets all let channel 3,5,8,13 know
about this and the apathy of animal control. I emailed George Knapp, hope someone else will too.
We can make a difference, I know!
You are all so awesome! Even in England. KLAS channel 8 news.

KellyByrd1 said...

Hello all-
Especially in Nevada, with our mustang situation, I wish there would be a law passed that made it illegal to breed. For a while, until the unwanted horses have been relocated, or until the population has waned a bit so that the number of horses matches the number of responsible owners. Not a short term solution, but could be a start in a long term solution. For the short term- I have no answers. Wish I did... The situation is soooo heartbreaking.