Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Sitka and Sunday Fund

Thanks to Shiloh Supporter, Cheri, we have created a Fund for Sitka and little Sunday. We will be using this Fund to get Sitka's legs and hooves x-rayed and her hooves trimmed by both the vet and the Farrier at the clinic. She will need to be laid out for this procedure. Her crippled hooves are beyond just regular trimming, they are very deformed and we need to see just where all the bones are before she can be really trimmed properly. I spoke to the vet this morning and he though in about two weeks we should be able to bring them both in safely. We wanted to give Sunday some tiem to gain weight and strength before being hauled such a long way.

This procedure will make a huge difference to Sitka and how she cares for her little foal. She has such a hard time staying up for long periods of time that Sunday has been seen nursing while she is laying down!

Go here to donate to the Sitka and Sunday Fund. One hundred percent of the fund will go directly toward paying the vet bill. I will also post the final total of the bill. All donations are tax deductable.

We are estimating it will cost us about $600.00 for the full procedure. We already have $400.00 donated!

Resting in his stall. Look how huge the flymask is! It's the smallest size we could find!
Going back in...
Resting while mom watches. We put a fan up to try to keep them cool and the flies off.
Finding a way...

Elisa and Sunday
Daria and Sunday!


Cheri said...

Thank you so much to all of you
giving to Sitka. She needs this so
badly and I think it is just wonderful to see how much you all care about helping Jill help these
beautiful animals! You are all
great and as beautiful! Karma be with you!

the 4 D's said...

Ok I know theirs alot more of us out there who can help !! we can miss buying lunch for a day ,or that 5.00 coffee in the morning. Think about it it's for a mother and son who with our help can be together and grow .

The 4 D's