Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday at Shiloh, another horse dumped.

I am exhausted from my trip, the long drive home,and a late night last night! So I will give some quick updates, but tomorrow I will go more into details about all the weekend's adventures.

Great news- Soot can come home tomorrow! He is still not feeling one hundred percent, but the vet thinks we can pick him up Monday morning (if nothing changes). His intestine was damaged by his impaction, but did not rupture. It will take a while of eating soft foods, daily oil in the feed, and quiet rehab time to bring him back to help. It really is a miracle that he survived.
Little Sunday and Sitka will also be coming home, Sunday is now so rambuncious that it takes two people to treat his eye! That's a great sign! I will be paying for their care and clinic stay with the Sitka and Sunday Fund, huge thanks to everyone who supported these guys!

I will have updates and pics of all these guys tomorrow.
Well, another unannounced horse (pictured below) was brought to Shiloh this morning. A man pulled up and told everyone at the rescue that he "had a horse he got from a "tweaker" in Pahrump and now needs to give us the horse or he will either dump it in the Desert or take it out and shoot it." Can you believe these people? Of course, we took the horse into the rescue but we also took photos of the man and his rig. His truck's license plates were covered, but of course, he had a nice truck. Dave called Metro to report the man, Animal Control (which is closed for the weekend), and the local Brand Inspector. I will be meeting with the BI tomorrow as he takes photos of the horse, etc. WE HAVE HAD IT. There is no excuse for this type of behavior with animals. There has yet to be anything done with America, the last horse who was dumped. The AC was supposed to cite the man, but I don't think anyone actually did anything and they just keep telling us to wait. Once I see this new horse for myself tomorrow and talk to the BI, we will be contacting any news organization who might like to do a story about people dumping their animals. I will be posting more about this tomorrow, maybe if we all contact the local news at once, we can get something done.

I am so mad I can hardly stand it.

Thank you to everyone who took care of business while I was gone. You guys are awesome!


the 4 D's said...

I have contacted New 3

Katherine said...

What's a 'tweaker'? I guess when they hear that a rescue exists, that they assume you will take in ANY unwanted horses.

They probably think they are being responsible and kind by bringing it to the rescue for a 'second chance' instead of getting it euthanized at the vet or sending it to slaughter...(or shooting it).

But they are dumping the responsibility onto someone

With the economy going the way it is, my fear is that many more will be dropped off! Your policy is probably on your website but, unfortunately, I'm thinking these people are not aware of your policy until they speak to you or your staff in person-- when they pull up to Shiloh with the horse in their trailer. :-(

Jenny K. said...

I was out at Shiloh this evening, and went over and said hello to the new guy. He's very sweet and friendly. He walked right up and let me pet him. He has wonderfully kind eyes. I wonder why the guy's license plates were covered. He must have known you'd report him. What a jerk!

the 4 D's said...

Dave also contacted CH. 13 News, If enough of us contact the news, I think we will get a better response. I wish I could send them the best picture I got of that guy. He was moving all around and fast. Jenny- your right! HE WAS A REAL BIG JERK!!!

Amber said...

What is wrong with people?!?!?! At least the horse is at Shiloh and is safe now.

KellyByrd1 said...

Hello All-
I was there when they dumped the poor horse- I think it was their horse- the poor thing really went nuts when they drove away- like my dogs do when I leave them at the groomers... with their pleading "mommy don't leave us here" looks... Now, if a drug person 'gave them' the horse, why? It made me wonder if they are drug people, and she gave them the horse in payment for????? The great thing about publicity is that perhaps more people will donate- the bad thing about publicity is that not all donations will be on paypal- some will just dump their animals for lack of any other known options. With the foreclosure rate as it is, I fear this situation will continue for some time longer. Does animal control have any options for people who are losing their homes, and therefore their horses' homes? On another note- we 'carroted' yesterday... 125 lbs. of carrots later, there were lots of happy campers at Shiloh. I did lose my 'whip' though, so if anyone sees a black (that should narrow it down) short whip, please hold it for me. It's the only thing that keeps Charlie the wandering pony from eating the whole wheelbarrow full! When I wave my hands in the air, the little stinker just laughs at me! So, my husband bought me that whip. Haven't had a chance to use it at home yet... just kidding! Hope all are well-
Kelly B.