Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Some wind and rain today out at Shiloh. The clouds were ominious, but beautiful.

Inspirada looks to be due to foal anytime now, she is huge and showing signs of impending birth! So, very soon, a new little baby will be born at Shiloh! Inspirada was rescued off of the Fallon feedlot last year, we did not know she was pregnant until she began to grow bigger and bigger. Another pregnant mare who was to be shipped to slaughter. We do not know what she was bred to, so it will really be a big surprise! As with all the Shiloh pregnant mares, Inspirada will give birth in the Bungalows where she will have plenty of protection and privacy.

Next tuesday is another full vet day out at the rescue. Echo Echo and Tattoo will be gelded. Oscar Meyer, the pig, will also be castrated and his teeth fixed. We will have Apache rechecked for a pregnancy, Chatty's cancer will be cut off of his sheath, Hitch (one of the new Thoroughbred geldings) will have his wounded hind leg checked, rabbit's teeth will be checked and probably floated, and whatever other routine things that need to be done will be attended to as well.

Shadow, who deeply cut his hindend last weekend, was treated. He is doing well and the wound is looking better. He is still on antibiodics for a few more days, but there is no infection. Below, Sally flushes the wound.

Business as usual today!

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KellyByrd1 said...

Poor Inspirada- she looks like she's soooooo ready for this pregnancy to be over! I've been feeding her extra carrots (she was insistant)when I visited, so I think her baby may be "carrot orange" in color... Best of luck little Mama!