Thursday, February 28, 2008


It was beautiful out at Shiloh today, it was warm and sunny and everyone was feeling good.

We are going to be building a Parelli "Horse Playground" out at Shiloh this weekend. Dave and Parelli Instructor, Marc Rea will be setting up an area for horses to enjoy and be challenged. This is really going to be great for people and horses alike!

Sabine was working hard with the horses, and lots of chores got attended to.

Inspirada is doing great and she enjoyed some grooming and shedding out. Any day now there will be a new foal! We are all excited!

Sally and Jill had to leave early today, Jill's dog Peanut (below) was stung by a bee in her mouth at the ranch. Her nose began to swell up and we needed to get her into the vet quickly just in case. Peanut spent the afternoon in the clinic, but is home now and doing fine. Much of the swelling has gone down.

Another busy day. You just never know where the day will lead you!


KellyByrd1 said...

Poor Peanut! Glad you got him to the vet before his breathing was affected... I think I know the bee that stung him- he followed me with my wheelbarrow full of carrots most of Sunday! Hope Peanut is feeling better!

Katherine said...

Can wait to see the Parelli Playground! What a great way to challenge the horse and improve communication between horse and handler.