Sunday, February 10, 2008

Saturday at the Rescue

Saturday was one of those days! Busy and everyone running from one thing to the next!

First of all, Moses coliced that morning, so as soon as Jill and Sally arrived at Shiloh, Jill had to turn around and drive Moses all the way into the Vet Clinic. Being a weekend, the vet just could not travel all the way out to Shiloh. So in they went. See more of his clinic visit here!

Sabine held her first Basic Horsemanship class, it looked like a success! She had 14 people, so it did get a bit hectic, but everyone learned something and had a good time. We will be holding another one in the upcoming weeks, we will post the upcoming dates as soon as we set them. See pics of the class here!

Skittles went on to her new home in Pahrump, we are happy she has a family of her own now. Wind, Marquee, and Squirt are leaving Sunday for their new homes and lifes.

Next weekend is the Parelli Clinic, so it will be very busy! Please remember, Shiloh is not accepting Visitors or volunteers next saturday and sunday (Feb 16-17th) due to the clinic. Only clinic participants and auditors are allowed. We are sorry for the inconvience, but it is the Parelli rules!

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KellyByrd1 said...

The class Sabine taught was so much fun! My husband Dean just LOVED Heavenly! I had just bought one of her "decorated shoes" the week before, and joked with him that her horse shoe is the new version of the "glass slipper." They really bonded, and afterward when we were doling out carrots, he kept going back to give her more... I think he's smitten! My friend Yvonne was a true trooper! She fell in love with Alamo, and was telling him all about the actual Alamo. He got a history lesson, as well as lots of love that day! Alamo was a wonderful gentleman for her, and he looked beautiful after his grooming. That class was a great idea- wonderful job, Sabine!