Friday, February 1, 2008

Thursday and Friday

Two beautiful sunny days, but still cold at night.

Sally has been working hard these last few days to get our Medical Dispensory in the barn set up and organized. This is where we keep all our medications, wound care buckets, etc. It is starting to look great!

Today, we said good bye to Marianne and Galt, who are moving to a boarding facility in town so they can spend more time together. We will miss seeing them, although Marianne will be back to volunteer and she is now helping with the website design and updates.

All the horses are doing well, no emergencies. Everyone has been enjoying the warm sun. There was some excitement on Thursday as Cloud pulled down part of the Area 51 electric fence to get to his girlfriend in the Big Pasture. What a mess! All the horses spooked and galloped around, tee-post covers flying! No one was hurt though and Cloud made it to the other side.

Friday morning, we arrived to find most of the Isolation pens totally flooded. A water pipe had broke in the night. Fortitude (below), Spirit and the babies were standing in water. They all had to be moved to dry corrals and the guys fixed the pipe. It will take days for it to dry out. You never know what you will find when you arrive in the morning! It seems like it's always something...

Today, as we were all packing up to head home, Sabine noticed there was a lot of commotion in the pastures. She went out to check and found a strange pot bellied pig roaming through the herds. Some of the horses chased him out and we corraled him into the empty pig/goat area. He has a crippled leg and we are afraid a coyote might get him. We had heard that there was a loose pig that roamed out in our area. We want to check him out before we let him out and, hopefully, he will want to stay with our pigs at Shiloh. We are calling him Kevin Bacon! He's a cutie!


Andrea said...

Well, looks like you might've been adopted then! Hope Kevin sticks around too. By the way, is that a picture of Chief up the top? We've not heard how his eye-surgery went, so I'd be most pleased that he's back at Shiloh doing well now.... how's he doing?

Katherine said...

Did you call him Kevin Bacon cuz his hind Foot was Loose!?! :-)

KellyByrd1 said...

Chief is at the ranch. He hung out with me last Saturday- well, me and my wheelbarrow of carrots! He's a smart cookie! He was sooo sweet- he let me know he wanted more carrots, but was NEVER pushy. He's a perfect gentleman. My friend Yvonne adored him, as he stayed with us most of the day. He gave us a guided tour of the property. His eye is mostly well- just a small part is injured; it resembles the beginning of a cataract but is actually from his injury. Jill said he is extremely lucky! He looks positively majestic!

Andrea said...

Oh fab! Glad he's back and better!! He decided to make friends with me when I visited last year, so I know how charming he is. THanks for the update!