Tuesday, February 12, 2008


A gorgeous day today, it was actually hot! All the winter blankets have been removed off every horse (Boarders too) for a few days.

Some Boarders were out with their horses, horses were fed and checked over. Some horses in rehab were able to be moved out into pasture.

Sally and Cheri worked on Gato for a long time. Gato arrived with a liver condition that causes horrible photosensitivity (sensitivity to UV rays from the sun). She develops large painful, crusty, scabby sores. We have been trying to keep her covered and in a shadier corral, but we have to balance her "horse life" with her medical needs. We have moved her into the Mesquite Manor with her best friend, Meadow, where some of the trees will provide extra cover in the warmer sun. Her condition is progressing and we will have her evaluated by our vets next time they come out. Because it is caused by a liver problem, skin salves and medications just don't help too much. But, we keep trying! She is currently wearing a screen sheet and we are keeping her wounds clean.

Sally and Cheri and Gato...

Gato's affected areas- This is NOT Blood- we have a red colored medication on her skin! But you can see the pattern of her condition.

We are going to be holding a raffle at the Parelli Clinic this coming weekend to raise money to buy her a new UV sheet, she may need a UV neck piece as well. We are estimating the cost to be around $160.00 for a good sheet and neck piece, one that will last. We are hoping to raise enough at some point for Tioga and Angel, the Skin Horse, as well. The summer sun out here in Vegas is brutal. Tioga has the photosensitivity to a lesser degree and Angel gets horrible sunburn. We do not want to have to keep these horses in a covered corral, they should be able to enjoy their more natural life out in pasture with friends, so these sheets can help that.

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