Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A busy Weds

A busy day today, both in town and at the ranch.

Jill and Shiloh Volunteer, Cheri, brought Hickory into the vet clinic this morning to have his forehead checked by the vet. We had became concerned when his forehead started to swell yesterday. About two weeks ago, Hickory cracked his head on something and we could tell that he had fractured his bone. Usually, horses heal very well and quickly from this type of injury, but Hickory's injury got better, than worse, then better, and finally worse again yesterday.

We decided it was better to be safe than sorry, so in he went. He was x-rayed and ultrasounded. The fracture was very obvious (below) and he was developing an abscess in the area. So, he will be put back on antibiodics and we will encourage his abscess to break open.

Sally worked at the rescue, helping the Shoer, and doing the chores.

A new horse arrived in the rescue today. Some caring people brought a thin Quarter horse gelding to Shiloh that they had found wandering out in the desert where he had been dumped by his owners. They caught him, brought him home, and contacted us about taking him. We will have photos and his story up on the website tomorrow.

A new ranch dog also arrived today. Logan, a black Lab cross, was also found in the desert, and the family that found him could not take in another dog, so they contacted us. He seems to like it out at the ranch and fits in with the other dogs and animals, so it looks like it will work! We will have pictures of him tomorrow as well.

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KellyByrd1 said...

Poor Hickory- I'll be there Saturday with my husband, and we'll make sure he gets EXTRA carrots! Hope he feels better soon! Also, can't believe these people who just leave a horse in the desert... poor baby! Well, he's in Shiloh now... just wish there was a way to charge people with animal cruelty when they do something so inhumane. Kelly