Thursday, February 21, 2008


A great day out at the rescue. It was sunny and we were hot in our long sleeves shirts.

Volunteers worked on Shadow's wound and did some grooming, as well as feeding everyone carrots. It's always so great to have caring people pitching in and helping. Whether it's just filling water buckets or feeding carrots, it's a huge help to us and the extra attention is wonderful for the rescue horses. The extra hands and eyes really do make a big difference to us! A big THANK YOU to ALL our visitors and volunteers!

Sabine rode and worked with some of the horses, she helps us get them evaluated for adoption. Sabine is also going to be teaching lessons, both basic riding and basic horsemanship classes will be offered. Great for those hoping to adopt a horse. Get more info here!

We worked on Inspirada's foaling stall in the Bungalows. We made sure it was safe and secure and bedded with deep straw. We groomed her and wrapped her tail. She spent alot of time inside the stall this morning and did not eat alot. She is looking uncomfortable. She is bagged up, but no waxing, although we have learned the hard way that not all mares show the classic signs of upcoming birth. Since we do not know when she was bred, we have to be ready. She is huge!

This morning, Jill's Friesian, Tanis, escaped from his stall and joined the Wanderer's herd. It was quite a Rodeo! Little Charlie lead a galloping Tanis all over the back acreage- it was just too funny, little pony Charlie, in a flat out gallop with huge Tanis following! Unfortunately, I just could not get the camara out fast enough!

Guess who came back to Shiloh today? Tripod Francis Kevin Bacon! He stopped by for a visit, last seen wandering toward Inspirada's stall... He comes and goes at will.

We have two New Arrivals coming in tomorrow morning. Two abandonded horses who have been starved, and for a time, kept in a horse trailer without food or water. We will have more info and pics of tomorrow.

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Yvonne said...

Hi Jill! Thanks for the visual of Charlie leading the way for Tanis! I can just picture it! See you this weekend when I can hopefully see the new baby and the two new arrivals! Have a great day!