Monday, February 18, 2008

This Weekend's Parelli Clinic!

What a great weekend! The weather was perfect, sunny and warm.

Marc Rea, a Parelli Three Star instructor, taught us how to communicate better with our horses. The result was happier horses but exhausted people! Everyone worked hard and learned alot. A big thanks to everyone who came and participated! It was great to see other Shiloh adopters, both in the clinic and auditing, learning how to better their relationships with their horses.

See pictures of the weekend here!

We were able to raise $680.00 for Shiloh with the raffle, lunch sales, auditing fees, and a generous $100 donation by Renae (Waco's owner)! This money will go toward buying protective UV sheets for Gato, The Skin Horse, and Tioga. These are badly needed and we are ecstatic that we were able to raise all of this money for them! THANK YOU!

Even though we were all concentrating on the clinic, the Shiloh work goes on. Kestrel was adopted to Amber and Bill, where she joins Shiloh Horse, Traveller in her new family, and Ditto, the pony, now has an adoption pending!

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Katherine said...

How can we get Salsa to watch the Parelli tapes and read the books? :-)