Sunday, February 24, 2008

A sad weekend

3:30pm Sunday UPDATE

Sad news as sweet Godwilling had to be peacefully euthanised this afternoon. Her condition had just gone downhill and it was time to let her go with dignity. This has been a heartbreaking weekend for us, for everyone. Thank you to everyone who helped with Godwilling and sent their prayers and thoughts. Please take a moment to read her Shiloh story here.

10:30am Sunday UPDATE

Sad news as Stubby, an older Sanctuary horse, was put to sleep Saturday morning at Shiloh. A sad loss for us, he was a special horse.

Breaking news as Godwilling, the starved mare, is brought into the vet clinic! Please click here to read her story!

I will keep this blog updated throughout the day as her condtion progresses. Please hold a good thought for her, she needs our help and support!


KellyByrd1 said...

So sorry to hear about Stubby and Godwilling. My husband and I were at Shiloh today- I convinced him that we HAD to go for Godspeed and Godwilling's sakes... that they NEEDED the 100lbs of carrots we could give them... When we arrived, I found Godspeed, and one of the Shiloh workers told me that Godwilling had been taken to the vet. We had high hopes for her- for her sake as well as Godspeed's. He seemed stressed- don't know if it's because there were so many carrots, and so little time.... (in his mind) or more probably because he missed his friend. Godspeed was given as many carrots as my husband thought was safe to give him. We left him with PLENTY- Shiloh may be the first time he's every had "plenty." The rest of the kids looked great- it was a beautiful day- crisp and cool. One decidedly empty stall, however- the one with Godwilling's name on it... So sorry I never got to meet you, you lovely lady, but know that we will take good care of your friend Godspeed for as long as he'll let us.

Chance said...

We are so sorry Godwilling-

With angered hearts and tearful eyes,
We tried to hold you tall,
Your mind was more then willing,
But your body could only fall

Your soul was rich with courage
Despite your journey, so hard to bare,
Cruel hands stole your essence
And turned you into a crippled mare.

Your spirit has truley touched us,
Though we met you recently,
Your good nature was so forgiving,
As you struggled just to be.

Then sad news came on the website
All we could do is weep.
And pray you've found serenity
In you everlasting sleep.

We hope you are at peace Godwilling, jeannette, Renee, and Cassie

Andrea said...

Oh I'm so sorry. Here's hoping Godspeed stays around longer....