Friday, February 29, 2008

An Emergency

Hickory is currently in the vet clinic with colic. He is being treated with IV fluids, but has a badly distended Colon and a possible Colon displacement. So far his Belly Tap is good, so there has not been a rupture, but he is being watched very closely and will remain in the clinic.

Hickory is the gelding who had the skull fracture, so he has really been through alot lately!

There is a distinct possibility that he may need colic surgery. We are keeping our fingers crossed that he recovers without surgery, but, at his age (4 years) we have to give him every chance to survive.

I will update his condition in the morning. Thanks to The Hickey Family and Sharil who helped Sally get him into the clinic. (Jill is out of town.)

Please hold a good thought for sweet Hickory tonight!

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KellyByrd1 said...

Poor Hickory! The Hickey family is so good for Shiloh- so glad they were there to help. Poor guy has really been through it lately- I saw all his pictures of his last vet visit, with his skull x-rays... thank you for giving him all the extra care he is needing!