Monday, February 25, 2008

Godspeed on the Local News tonight!

UPDATE: 8pm See the Channel 8 News video here! Godspeed was a Star!

3pm: Shiloh was contacted by Channel 8 News here in Las Vegas this morning. They had received an email telling of the story of Godspeed and Godwilling, the two emaciated horses who arrived two days ago. They had heard that Godwilling had passed on, but wanted to know how Godspeed is doing and tell his story. Thank you to the person who sent the email about these special horses!

The segment will air on the 5pm and 6pm News on channel 8 tonight. They will be broadcasting live from Shiloh at these times, but will show the taped segment during the news.

Make sure to tune in and see Godspeed! I will post a link to the story online tonight!

Godspeed gets ready for his close-up!


KellyByrd1 said...

Jill and Sally-

I got home just in time to see the news!!! Congratulations on your presence on ch. 8 tonight- Godspeed looked great on his closeup- what a wonderful "makeup" job you did! So glad you are getting great press, and so sorry about the circumstances... Poor Salsa... I think he was hoping for a private room with a "star" on the door. Hopefully this press will encourage other concerned citizens help find the person responsible for this tragedy.

Andrea said...

Oh, what brilliant publicity for you!! God willing you get some additional donations through this!