Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday's New Arrivals

Thanks to a caring and concerned horse lover who heard their story, two emaciated horses arrived at Shiloh. Godspeed and Godwilling were starved almost to the point of death, abandoned, and locked in a horse trailer for days without food or water. They are in horrible shape, but still have appetites which is a very good sign. We ask visitors and volunteers to spend some extra time with these sweet old horses, they need all the love they can get!

Godspeed's hind end.

Godwilling's hindend.

Please read more about these special horses in our New Arrivals section.


KellyByrd1 said...

My husband just told me he heard at work that a horse trailer with horses in it overturned, and the horses were injured... has anyone heard about this? Did the horses make it? I'm sick at the thought of such an accident... hope they will be alright... perhaps they will even end up at Shiloh, with Godspeed and Godwilling... getting the care and compassion they deserve!!!!! Great work with the two new arrivals- they look like they're settling in, and hopefully Godspeed will soon learn that noone will take his food away ever again.

Laurie said...

I'm so thankful that theses two horses are in the most amazing place. I'm just sick to my stomch. How can people sleep at night knowing that they are treating helpless animals this way! I wish I could come visit them! Please give them a BIG scratch and carrots from Laurie, Chris, Pequito, and Reece! We send a prayes to these two beutiful animals!

Andrea said...

OWWW!!! Ow Ow!! I'm so glad they both ended up at Shiloh - best place for them!! Please will someone give me big hugs from me!