Thursday, February 7, 2008


A very beautiful day at the rescue, actually sunny and quite warm in the sun.

Our new arrival, named Moses because he was found wandering in the desert, is settling in. He is very thin and looks wormy, but very sweet and gentle. He is in his mid to late 20's and is available for sponsorship. Shiloh volunteer, Cheri spent time with him, cleaning him up and starting the worming process on him. (Since we do not know his history and he appears to have worms, we worm him slowly over a period of time.)

Sally has almost gotten the Medical Dispensory set up, it's looking great! She has been spending all of her time in there organizing.

We now have one spot open for the upcoming Parelli Clinic on Feb 16-17th. We had a cancellation, so if you are an interested horse/person team, let us know! Auditing is still available. This is going to be a wonderful weekend, please join us! More info!

Shiloh's online store is growing, beaded horseshoes, t-shirts, calendars and, now, we have two Tony Curtis art prints available. All donations go to feeding and caring for the Shiloh Horses. Be sure to check out what we are offering!

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Chance said...

We're really glad Moses has a new home at Shiloh. It's unbelievable
how people can just throw such beautiful animals away.