Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Three Rescue Horses, Three Dedicated Riders and a Long Trail Ride...

Three of our wonderful adopted rescued horses participated in last weekend's Sandy Valley Ranch Poker Trail Ride. There were 50 riders who participated.

The Shiloh Wild Bunch was made up of Eric and Sawyer (Shiloh's Sammy), Dean and NASDAQ and Jenny and Colbert (Shiloh's Kobe).

They joined the group and rode 10 miles all over the beautiful trails of Sandy Valley!

Isn't it awesome that these three formerly slaughter bound horses showed the other riders just what rescue horses can do?

Colbert, Sammy and NASDAQ waiting for the mount up signal...

The riders!
Eric and Sawyer and Dean and NASDAQ- ready to get going!
There they go!
Out on trail...

Jenny and Colbert with a beautiful view behind them.

Those must be sore behinds!

We are proud of you guys (and all our adopters) for getting out there and enjoying their Shiloh Horses! Super Job!

Go Rescue!


shilohsally said...

I am so proud of the 3 of you and your horses. "Rescue Horses" can do anything. Thank you for participating in the trail ride. Go Shiloh horses and riders!!

Eric Clayton said...

Thanks, Sally!! It was such an awesome time. Shiloh's Wild Bunch is ready for their next one, haha:)