Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday 2/23/09

One of our volunteers, Robbie came out this morning and spent time brushing and spoiling Godspeed. After a while, she noticed he was acting a bit strange. So, we put him into the round pen to monitor him. He was acting a little bit colicy, so we have him an IV injection of Banamine and continued to watch him. After 20 minutes, we still were not happy with the way he was acting and decided to have him brought into the clinic. (Our vet clinic is almost 2 hours away and our vet cannot always come out to the rescue when we have an emergency, so it's easiest and quickest for us to bring the horse in.) By the time Godspeed arrived at the clinic, he was feeling better. The vet tubed him with oil and water just to be safe and sent him back home to Shiloh where he will be closely watched. It was probably just a bout of gas (which probably passed on the long trailer ride), but with an older horse (Speed is about 26 years old), and because we are so far away from the vet, we always go with better safe than sorry.

Besides that, it was a busy day and the weather was perfect. Lots of people were out, volunteering and visiting...

A cute shot of the Shiloh babies in The Bungalows. From left to right: Sunday, Will, Lucero and Crusoe. All of the babies at Shiloh live together in a group with an older babysitter and spend their days playing and hanging out in their herd. Of course, the babies are taken out regularly for turn out and to be handled and worked with so that they can move on to new homes and futures.

The Okay Corral...

Rugrat and Trigger in one of the Medical Stalls. Once Rugrat's feet are feeling a little better, they will be allowed to roam freely again.

The Mustang, Iceman.

Iceman and Eric exploring the side gate...

Arson, who is also currently in a Medical Stall, enjoys the soft sandy turnout...

We have moved some horses into what will be our new pasture. This pasture will get two new large red pasture shelters by the end of next week.

Redondo and Ice explore their new home. This will be a pasture for horses who need formulated feed as well as free feed grass hay to stay at a healthy weight. Most of the horses in this pasture will be over 25 years of age .


Sharil said...

Notice how Iceman is filling out? haha.. Its nice to see how the horses change once at SHILOH!!

Glad to see Rugrat home ..

Good Job as always!!!

Love ya

Mikey said...

Iceman looks great!! Wish I could have sent Sugarfoot your way!
Congrats on the new pasture, more room for old horses :)