Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Shiloh Horses Help Themselves!

The Shiloh Horses have been donating their used horse shoes for us to hand bead. We are using the money from the latest horse shoes to purchase more pasture shelters.

This weekend, Sally and Jill raised $840.00 in Sedona, AZ, Sharil raised $236.00 at the Desert Pines Vet Clinic Open House, and Robin and the gang raised $230.00 at the NSPCA Fur Festival. So that is a grand total of $1306.00 raised!

This $1306, coupled with our $3,000 EQUUS grant and the money raised in San Diego a few weeks ago enables us to purchase 5 new big red shelters!

We will be ordering the shelters next week. Go Shiloh!

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