Friday, October 2, 2009

NOTE: Shiloh will be closed to all visitors and volunteers from October 6-13th. Thank you for your understanding.

We are now looking for our October Feed Fairies! Read more about this program on our website.

We have all been working hard beading horse shoes. We have three fundraising events next weekend. Jill and Sally will be in Sedona, AZ for Tony's art show, Sharil will be at Desert Pines Vet Clinic's Open House, and Robin and Daria will be at the Fur Festival. We will have horse shoes available at all of these events.

Tanya leading Nike.

Sally moved Image back into Little Vacation Village. Now that the summer heat is moving on, he can be back out with his pals.

New girls, Zazz and Dusty in the Duplex. Later, they will be moved into a large pasture.

We have begun to work and evaluate Harmony. She is sound and easy to handle. She should make someone a very nice riding horse but we will continue to put more weight on her before we try her under saddle.

The new improved Pig Palace! Sonny and Cher spent most of the day in the new area.

Now the feed room area is much more neat and tidy.

White Cloud wondered why I interrupted him while he was eating his Equine Senior.

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