Sunday, October 4, 2009

Saturday's Adventures

Reminder: Shiloh will be closed to all Visitors and Volunteers from October 6-13, thank you for the cooperation!

Saturday was a busy day, as always. We had lots of people out. The weather started out beautifully, but the winds and dust blew in later in the day.

Super great news as both Journey and Domingo were adopted to new homes! Journey headed to CA with Leah and Domingo will be heading to AZ with Margo. We are always sad to say good bye, but we love to see the horses move on to loving homes of their own.

Journey in her new home last night after her long drive.

Look who had to move out of the pasture, Tanis. We have been having major problems with our electric fencing and many of the horses have been going back and forth through the fences to visit other pastures. We are going to apply for some grant funding to help us get better and safer pasture fencing for all the pastures.

Tanis enjoyed a bran mash. You can see the backs of Mendoza and Eagle in the other stalls.

Kelso says hi from Mesquite Manor, that is Roy in the background.

When the Okay Corral pasture gates were opened for the morning's hay feeding, Wanderers Cortez and Latigo snuck in. Here is Cortez kicking up his heels as we tried to get him out. They had a great time!

Trigger and Rugrat in the Mare Motel. We are currently treating Rugrat for an abscessed hoof and Trigger wanted to stay with her in the corral.

We had these weird clouds over the valley...

An early Halloween visitor at Shiloh.

Well, we welcomed two new pigs into the rescue. Their owner was moving across country and could not take them with her. Here is the male getting his first sight of his new home.

Sally welcomes the female.

We are going to rename them, you know how we love to find pig names!

We really don't want to take pigs into the rescue, but they are very difficult animals for people to re-home. Not many places will accept pigs so we help out when we can.

Sonny meets the new male in The Pig Palace. Good thing we recently got the pig area all fixed up...


Mikey said...

Awww, I love the new pigs! I love that you take them in. So sweet, and there's Sally to welcome them :) Perfect :)

Sharil said...

We better start expanding the Pig Palace!!! :)

Tanis is back in Barn!!! He is going to be mad at you Jilly!!! He really going to be acting bad now.... Better you, than me..hahaha

Eric Clayton said...

Poor's all Gus' fault really. He is the ringleader for the Pasture Hopping Club and now everyhorse has joined the bandwagon, haha.

Found art blog said...

Have you got a Pork Scratchings yet?!