Sunday, October 11, 2009

Adopted horse Update

I received this happy update about Journey yesterday. We are so glad for both Leah and Journey...

"Thanks once again Jill and Sally!

Journey is a very sweet horse. She is very compliant. No arguing or fussing at all. My husband, (the quad rider), was even on her this week while I was out of town shopping. He rode her in the hackamore (he thought it was the snaffle :o)) and said she did everything he wanted her to do with no trouble. I think you guys gave him the "bug" while we were out there. He even took a riding lesson on the buckskin yesterday withmy trainer friend who helps me so much. He did a wonderful job and made it all look so easy. He has really surprised us. Tomorrow, he is coming along on a ride with a group of us upby the lake. This is so exciting. I didn't think he'd ever wantto get up on a horse. Tell Sally her "teasing" really paid off. She really gave it to him. (You go Sally!!!)

Her name is staying "Journey". It really fits. I looked up online how far the trip was for you guys to get her and then with the trip for us to get her... what else could her name be but "Journey"? She knows her name too."

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phaedra96 said...

Congratulations to you and Journey. May she live long and well.