Wednesday, July 22, 2009


ROY UPDATE: Roy is doing well in the clinic and appears to be over his impaction which luckily turned out not to be a stone. We were all concerned that that might be the case. Unfortunately, during the night a few days ago, he pulled out his catheter (from his IV fluids) and the site became very inflamed. The vet wanted to keep him another day or so to watch it before he came home.

Tuesday was a busy day, as all the days are. Another very hot one, but much more humid than it normally is. We had some rain and thunderstorms as well as gusts of incredibly strong wind for a few nights.

The high winds caused some damage at the ranch, an isolation area shelter blew over, as did some roofing on City Center and one of the Wanderers' wooden sheds. It's so strange out in the Valley, huge gusts will blow through, almost like little tornadoes. A few years ago one blew in and completely destroyed our old Bungalow area. Luckily, no one has been hurt in any of this damage...
One of the Wanderer's old wooden shelters flew right up and over the fence! These wooden sheds are super duper heavy!

The City Center Roof.

Super Gummie pen members, Mendoza, Vista and Heavenly shared their food with Sausage Patti on Tuesday morning.

Cedar out in Big Vacation Village. We have moved most of the horses out of the Hospice and Mare Motel areas- in fact the Hospice area is currently empty. With the intense heat we are having, we just don't like to have the horses standing around in smaller pens. Almost everyone is now out in one of our bigger pastures or in a double pen type of situation. The Mare Motel has a few occupants, mainly horses who are in for daily wound care or closer observation.

Back in the trees in Big Vacation Village, it is much cooler back here...
Here is Sidewinder, our newest arrival. He was donated by his family in AZ for financial reasons. He is a very friendly 14 year old OTTB who seems very happy in his new environment. He hasn't been ridden in a few years, but we are hoping that with some time and a slow return to work, he will be able to find a new home.

Tanya feeds him an apple to welcome him. It's hard to get any good photos of him because he just wants to be right next to you when you go into his corral...

Wanderer Latigo gets a drink.

The Blind Girls eating breakfast together.

In Assisted Living, Jimmy Dean shared Derby's food.

Sanctuary member, Cleveland, in Assisted Living.

Daisy has her hooves trimmed...

Poker's fly mask contraption which protects his sore under his jowl from the flies. We always seem to be coming up with new inventions using stuff we already have. This is just an upside fly mask over his normal one. It works perfectly.

Little Vacation Village's water float ran over during the night, creating yet another Shiloh Lake. Luckily everything dries quickly here in the desert.


the 4 D's said...

its Great to here that Roy will be OK

Mikey said...

Was AMAZED at that damage! Wow! It's done that here a time or two, took tin and just tore it like paper. I'm in awe at the damage wind gusts can do.
So glad to see Keller too! I'm trying to get some stuff together for a day trip over there, she's been there one year almost! I'm SO glad she's there with pasture mates. It's exactly what an old girl like her needed. Bless you all.