Monday, July 20, 2009

This and That

Super news as The R.O.A.M Act was passed by the House. This bill helps to protect the Wild horses out on the range, something that we desperately need here in Nevada. Read more about this bill on the HSUS' Blog. Sadly, our own Congressman Dean Heller of Nevada voted nay, not a big surprise after hearing how he feels about horse slaughter.

Last week, Sally and I met with with Congressman Heller's aid in Washington. Being from the Northern Nevada areas, he is siding with the ranchers who are against horse slaughter. We met with this same aid last year and heard the same arguments. If you live in NV, especially Northern NV, please contact Congressman Heller and ask him to support the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act. Your voice really does make a difference. In many meetings, we heard "we just haven't heard to much from the horse welfare side". We are their NV constituents and the people who represent us really do need to hear from us! Follow the link above to contact him, just a short email or phone call will do!

Sally and I also met with aids from Senator Reid's office, as well as stopping in at Senator Ensign and Congresswomen Berkley and Titus to thank them for the support of the horse welfare issues. We also stopped in at Senator Feinstein's office as Shiloh is actually located over the border into CA.

It really does make a difference when the time is taken to go to your rep's office. It's easy to do and extremely interesting- next time you are in D.C., stop by to say hello, thank them or ask them for their support on issues that interest you.

We walked for miles that day and went to bed tired with aching feet, but with a feeling that we are making a difference in something that we strongly believe in.

On to other things:

Shiloh is now registered with eBay's Mission Fish for Charitable Giving. If you buy or sell on eBay, now you can choose to help the Shiloh Horses at the same time. See Shiloh's page here!

Shiloh Rider Needed! As some of you know, one of our riders and instructors, Elisa, is moving on to another state. Elisa has been a member of the Shiloh Family for a long time and we will miss her, but we all wish her the best of luck! So, now we are looking for another Shiloh Rider to help us out with adoption evaluations, videos, and exercising. We are looking for a rider a few days a week who is over 18 years of age and can ride English and Western, can do a little jumping, and is professional and motivated. You must have your own transportation to the ranch and be able to be at Shiloh during our business hours. Rider must have their own helmet, which they will be required to wear at all times when mounted. Shiloh can supply tack for the horses, or you may use your own. Shiloh pays $10.00 per ride. If you are interested in becoming a Shiloh rider, please email Jill at Please include a short resume of your riding background.


Amy said...

thank you so much for your advocacy and hard work. It really is appreciated. I wish I had more money to give you.

Found art blog said...

Y'know, several people have said the same, Amy and you know what? There's still tons you can do!! Call your senate rep as Jill suggested, for one! Search the web on and nominate Shiloh to receive a donation, for two. Sell on ebay to help shiloh, as Jill mentioned above, for three! (clear out the dust collectors under your bed!!) They also need glass beads to decorate horse shoes with, so look out for some of them. They also need donated items to use as raffle prizes every so often - need more ideas??!