Sunday, July 5, 2009


Saturday was a busy day, lots to do and lots going on. We had new volunteers out learning the ropes as well as visitors who stopped by to see the horses and hand out carrots.

Please note: We have set new Summer Volunteer and Visitor hours. We accept both from 8am until 1pm, at 1pm the gates are closed. It is just too hot out at the ranch after that time, chores are done in the morning and in the evening. Please come early and bring lots of water!

Also, Shiloh will be closed to Volunteers and Visitors on July 13-16th. Sally and I will be in Washington DC for Horses on the Hill which hopes to further Horse Welfare. The ranch will be open to our Boarders only. Thank you for the cooperation!

The Western Vet horses returned to Shiloh from the last testing. Roy, Slewus, Larceny, Sundance and Bucky all arrived home safe and sound and are back out in their pastures.

Our Farrier was out working, now that is a very hard job in the summer heat!

Broadway eats her hay out in the Rat Pack pasture.

Assisted living ate their Feed Fairy feed. From left to right, Jackson, Celebrate, Freedom, Eureka and Canyon.

Cedar enjoyed some time in the turn out.

Ethel and Donkey Otie ate by the feed room.

Rugrat got a bath but then immediately rolled.

We are weaning Lucero from her mom Amiga. Here is Amiga out in Area 51. Lucero was a little bit upset, but settled down back in the Bungalows with Will, Sunday, Apache and Crusoe.

Area 51.

Some of the dogs wait in the shade...

The Big Pasture.

Blessing in Little Vacation Village eats her feed with her friend Cleveland behind her.

Volunteers spent some time with Providence. We are having the vet re check Providence on Monday. His growths are getting bigger and he is losing weight. His last biopsy was inconclusive...

Kody and Rookie, Eric and Gus and Dave and Numerous went outside the fence...

Dr. Schur's girls spent some quality time with Jimmy Dean. They rubbed his belly, which he just loves. How cute is this photo?

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