Friday, July 3, 2009

Thursday and our Newest Arrival

Seattle arrived safe and sound at Shiloh on Thursday afternoon. He is here to rehab in one of our pastures as he recovers from a ligament injury. He is spending time in the Mare Motel as he settles into his new home and surroundings. He is a beautiful gelding and we are happy to welcome him to the rescue.

In the turn out after his long trailer drive from San Diego...

There is alot to see at the ranch and he spent most of his time just looking around.

Out in the Rat Pack Pasture- Ciento, Lovely and City Slicker hung out together.

Arson had his hooves trimmed and his shoes reset. His hoof is looking great. Here he waits for the Farrier in the barn aisle.

Donkey Otie was put into the stock to have his wraps redone. Watch the video below of Sally trying to take his halter off when he is done. He is so stubborn! Hold on Sally!

Iceman in his turn out. Look at the dark sky behind him. We had a big thunderstorm come through with lots of heavy rain and lightning. Watch the video below of Eric trying to round up Iceman and Gus as the storm approached! The suddenly cooler stormy weather made all of the horses feel great, there was bucking and galloping all over the pastures!

The wandering ponies, Rugrat, Trigger and Baja waited for the storm.

Here is Fred back wandering after his time at the vet clinic. Welcome home Fred!

Charlie was not far behind him.

Pigmalian found a cool mud spot in the Assisted Living pasture after the water bucket was dumped.

Stretch looking great out in the Rat Pack.

Woody in Rat Pack, eating his morning feed. He's put on alot of weight and is looking wonderful.

Journey enjoyed some turn out time!

So did Rocky Road and Gus! Go guys!

Wasabi got into the action. It looks like Wasabi's hormones have finally settled down and he will finally be able to go out into a pasture with herdmates.


the 4 D's said...

The horses look Amazing!!!
Can't wait to see you all tomorrow.

Found art blog said...

Donkey's are NOT stubborn!! They're just misunderstood!!! I love donkeys!