Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Shiloh's Vet Day

Monday was a busy day, Dr. Dorenkamp was out and lots of horses were worked on.

First off were the three gelding procedures...
Vic kisses Xanthos before the vet lays him down...

Lay down Xanthos!

Next up was Sunday...
He's out!

Lastly, Leo's Morgan, William. All three colts had no problems and their procedures were uneventful- at least for us!

By the way, my camera went out, so no more vet day photos from this point on- sorry!

Tioga had a biopsy of his skin taken. He has advanced photo sensitivity and some of it looks like it has become cancerous lesions. We also had some blood drawn to check his liver function (liver problems can lead to photo sensitivity).

Rugrat had her tear ducts flushed, which she hated!

Pecos had his eye, which is currently sewn shut, rechecked. It is doing fine and we will keep it closed for a while longer to let it heal and stabilize.

Pepperoni was checked over. She has been steadily losing weight. She will be given a steroid injection to try to boost her appetite. Her teeth were checked, and one loose tooth removed, but she just doesn't have many teeth left.

Providence was re-evaluated, his tumors have gotten larger and he has lost more weight, but the vet feels as we do, he is just not ready to be put down. He is still eating and active and is not in any pain. We will just keep a very close eye on him and let his behavior and attitude tell us when it is time to let him go.

Rocky Road's blood was drawn for his Coggins paperwork which he needs to travel to his new home next week.

Serenity, Sitka and Daisy were all given a Legend shot for their joints. Daisy was a stinker and flew off bucking right after we released her! It was too cute.

A good and full vet day, we worked until late afternoon. Vet day is always so interesting and we all learn so much. Thanks to all our volunteers who pitched in to help us!

Before the vet arrived, my camera was still working and I was able to take some photos of the horses eating breakfast:

Slidell, Goodness and Starbuck in the shade of the Mesquite trees in Area 51.

Moses and Godspeed in Rat Pack.

Val in Rat Pack standing at the fence line with Big Vacation Village.

Sweetie, Lovely and Ciento share the feed tub in Rat Pack.

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