Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Scorching Saturday

The heat was intense today! It was supposed to reach 113 degrees and it sure felt like it did. Of course, there is not alot we can do in this type of heat, so we work early and get the basics done. Horses are worked early and lightly and all the work (wound care, extra feeding, etc) was done by noon.

We are keeping a close eye on our older residents. We fed a cold salty bran mash (the salt encourages them to drink more) to some of the ones we are concerned about, we want to make sure everyone is drinking and staying hydrated.

Bacon Bits, who thinks she is a dog, spent all day in the office.

So did Jimmy Dean, who loves to sleep right in front of our office bathroom door. Of course, we don't want to disturb him and so we use the other bathroom...

Breezer found a way to stay cool.

Sabine held her Basic Horsemanship Class. Everyone worked under City Center where it is much cooler. Many of the "Super Gummies" enjoyed the attention and grooming.

Orlando in the class.

Galaxy stood patiently for his student.

Sanctuary horse, Tulsa out in Big Vacation Village...

Slewus out in the Big Pasture. He is doing well and is happy out with his friends. We are giving him some moe time off and are hoping that in the future he can find a new home as a pleasure riding horse.
In Big Pasture, Storm Cloud and Frisco eating their hay...

Zuiderzee enjoyed a cool hosing in her pasture. She loves the water.

Bombay was exercised then ridden around the ranch. This is such a nice steady young mare, a great prospect for someone.

Lovely in the Rat Pack pasture. Remember how she looked when she arrived back in Feb?

Larceny with his new owner, Marc. Marc had a lesson on him and then treated Lars to a cool bath.
Bombay and Moses in Rat Pack.

Sanctuary Horse, Daytona in Big Pasture.

Inca escapes the heat...

Dave and Kody in Big Pasture.

Salsa early this morning. He gets so excited when Dave arrives! Here he comes!

Charlie invaded Jill's feed room.

The Bunglaow Horses eating breakfast.

Wanderer Fred...

The horses aren't the only ones who need to stay cool. Here Bear enjoys a cold hosing by a volunteer.


the 4 D's said...

Sure was a great Day! Going to see if I can get A C for jills cart Haha, Wait just get all wet and drive fast !!!

Found art blog said...

Those dogs are very sensible you know - sit in a bucket of water to get cool. Now, THAT'S SMART!