Sunday, July 12, 2009

Saturday's Adventures

REMINDER: Shiloh will be closed to Volunteers and Visitors this coming Monday to Thursday (July 13-16) as Jill and Sally will be in Washington, DC. As always, our Boarders are welcome anytime and any day.

For our Boarders: Felipe will be in charge of the Shiloh Horses while we are gone. (His day off is Monday- so Monday Leo is in charge.) The guys will be taking care of the wound care, medications, extra feeding, etc. If you are out at the ranch with your horse and notice something with a Shiloh Horse, please tell Felipe or Leo immediately so they can address it. As always, I will be in daily contact with the ranch. Feel free to text or call me anytime as well. Thanks everyone!

New Volunteers: If you are new to horses, it is highly recommended that you take our Basic Horsemanship Class before you actually come out to volunteer. The classes will teach you basic safety around horses, how to halter and lead and how to groom. If you already know all of this, but it has been a while since you have been around horses, the class is great as a refresher. Our next class will be help next Saturday the 18th. Please click here to find out how to sign up.

Saturday was a scorcher! We had lots of people out and lots of activity. A great day!
Sally worked on Shadow. He had skin cancer removed from his sheath and needs daily care as he heals. Shadow is so sweet!

The Gummies. That is Laramie at the water barrel, Providence is to his right and Priceless and Mendoza are behind him.

Black Feather and her new family! She left for her new home Saturday morning, everyone was so excited! What a wonderful match for this special mare.

More great adoption news as Larceny is adopted by Ede and Marc of Sandy Valley! They live only a mile or so from Shiloh and Lars will become a cherished member of their family. A great match for this sweet gelding and we couldn't be happier.

Gummie Pen member, Heavonly got a nice cool bath under City Center.

Robbie walked Woody to the turn out...

Where he kicked up his heels and had some fun.

Robbie came out to visit with Godspeed and Moses. Robbie was their foster for the past year and really misses seeing the boys every day. Godspeed walked right up to her when she called him...

Then she groomed (and spoiled) Godspeed and Moses.
And then Breezer sat on her as she took a break from the heat. Poor Robbie!

Darian finds a way to cool off...

Sabine worked with Latte. Look how huge Latte is!

Our donated cat and dog food. Thank you Norma for thinking of us!

A new windchime in the Bunglaows put up by the Hickey Family for Sunday.

The Bungalow horses eating breakfast together. From left to right- Domingo, Inspirada, Will, Apache, Sunday and Lucero.

Dave and Salsa. Dave sent me some photos of the day that Salsa was born, so let's take a trip down memory lane...
Already following Dave around...
Look how cute he was!

He was so sweet and he is such a stinker now! But, we love him anyway...


the 4 D's said...

Darian you need to teach your mom to put her head in the bucket Haha

Found art blog said...

Salsa is NOT a stinker!! He's a misunderstood semi humanoid burro who runs Shiloh while Jill and Sally aren't there!!! (somebody has to stick up for him!!)

the 4 D's said...

Thats great and well put !! he has and will always run the ranch Thats my Boy

Found art blog said...