Sunday, July 26, 2009

Galaxy and Saturday's Happenings

Some sad news to report as Sanctuary horse, Galaxy died last night. He was found this morning, laying in his favorite spot in the Gummie Pen. It looks like he passed peacefully with no sign of struggle. Galaxy, who was rescued off of the Fallon Feedlot two years ago, had a wonderful life at Shiloh. He enjoyed regular grooming and bathing from volunteers and was happy right up to the end. In fact, the afternoon before, he was spoiled and groomed by some new volunteers. He was always the first to be groomed as he would follow everyone around.

I am so thankful that he had a safe place to pass on. He was very loved and will be greatly missed. Galaxy is buried at Shiloh.
Here he is in last Saturday's Basic Horsemanship class. He was such a gentle soul.

The Big Pasture yesterday...

Emily learns to drive!

No, this is not a skunk, it is actually Jimmy Dean! Can you believe it!
The mud was perfectly symmetrical! So weird!

Wasabi out in Big Pasture.

Exceller, the goat, takes a nap in a pile of hay in Assisted Living...

Ice, who is now living in Assisted living, will be re-evaluated for possible adoption to a new home.
The Big Pasture from back in the trees.

Little Vacation Village.


Sharil said...

Smooth Criminal!!hahah The pig going underneath WhiteCloud, to get the ES!!!

the 4 D's said...

So sorry to hear about Galaxy. R.I.P.
The Hickeys