Friday, July 17, 2009


Wow, it is so hot out at Shiloh! There was a heat warning in effect today in Sandy Valley and we were all feeling it.

To all Visitors and Volunteers this weekend- BRING COLD WATER AND LOTS OF IT! We have a refrigerator for your use in the Cherry Pie Lounge. Make sure you drink lots of water throughout the day and wear a hat or visor.

I will be blogging about our DC trip this weekend, I have so much to write and so little time tonight.

Calling a VOLUNTEER! The very generous manager of the Spa at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino contacted me about donating used towels, wash cloths, etc. We can use all of this stuff and we are looking for a volunteer who could possibly swing by and pick it all up and bring it out to Shiloh on your next trip. if you live close, or work at the hotel, and can pick it up, please email Jill at to let me know. Thank you!

We moved horses around today. We moved the Gummies up to the first small pasture by the feedroom. This way we can keep a closer eye on them in the intense heat. We moved some Gummies, those who are holding a healthy weight, into other feeding pastures and added to our Gummie herd. I am now calling that pasture the "Super Gummies". Little Vacation Village is now where the Gummies were. It sounds confusing, I know, but it's not. :o)

Big Vacation Village...

The shade trees in the back of Big Vacation Village. Of course, all the horses stood in the hot sun instead of in the cool trees...
This is one of my favorite areas of the ranch, it's so peaceful back in the trees.

Juniper ate her breakfast near the tree line. She is missing Timber, who was her close friend for years and who recently passed away.
Levi, looking cute in Assisted Living. We tried to make him a Wanderer, but we finally gave up. He wanted to be in the middle of the action in a pasture and went into one anytime the gate was opened. He likes to think he is in charge and who are we to tell him he is not?

White Cloud eating his senior feed in the Annex Pen.

Sweetie out in the Rat Pack Pasture. She is fat now and is still as sweet as can be.

Blahnik in Rat Pack.
Volunteer Marilyn feeds Alydar the goat an apple...
Priceless on the right and Laramie on the left in what was once the Gummies, but is now Little Vacation Village. These two guys are holding their weight and have happily "graduated" from the Gummies.

Whiskey in Little Vacation Village.

We moved Kelso into a Duplex where he is recovering from his hoof abscess. He is feeling much better and will soon be back out in a pasture.

Capone looking fat and happy in Little Vacation Village. He is so cute and has really filled out and loves living in a herd.


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Nice to see everyone looking so happy!!

rochelle said...

Those pictures of Jimmy Dean are hilarious. I love pigs.