Thursday, July 30, 2009


We moved a lot of the horses around today. It's always an ongoing balancing act to keep everyone in the right groupings where they get what they need. Some of the Rat Pack horses- Lovely, Sweetie, Woody, Blahnik, were moved into other pastures. They are all fat now and just don't need all of the extra formulated feed that that pasture gets daily. We moved Austin from Big Pasture to Rat Pack to gain some more weight and Sundance was moved into Assisted Living. It's like musical horses!

One of Shiloh's signs...

Another one.

Laramie in Little Vacation Village. He is looking great and keeping his weight up.

Jackson in Little Vacation Village. Jackson is an older Sanctuary horse who has Shivers.

Seemore in the Mare motel where he is being treated for his hoof abscess. He was feeling much better today.

The shade of City Center was very busy.

Tanya and TC. Tanya is riding and caring for TC now. He remains a Shiloh horse- his JC registered name is Tony Curtis, and Tony won't let me adopt him out! :o) Tanya and TC make a great pair and TC enjoys having a person of his own.

Emily rode Priceless today. They were a great team and explored all over the ranch. Abbey rode Moses again, they are also a perfect pair.

Daisy spent some time on the Cherry Pie's grass area.


Elaine said...

Be happy to give Jackson a nice grooming when out their on Saturday if you they he'd enjoy it.

Found art blog said...

Why would you WANT to adopt out Tony!! I'm sure there's a few that would long distance sponsor him, like those cats in Rome!! I love that rainbow halter, by the way!