Saturday, December 13, 2008

What a Day!

Guess who came to Shiloh this morning? Amiga's filly was born at 6am this morning! She is healthy and bright eyed, nursing and exploring! Loe and the guys named her "Lucero", a Spanish word which translates to "Bright Star" or "Morning Star". She is too cute!

Hey everyone!

Standing straight!

In a comfortable and deeply bedded barn stall...
now, where is the food again?

Amiga had a nice big breakfast. Good job, Amiga!

Sitka's Magic Leg. It even has her name on it. It's amazing. I almost have tears in my eyes typing this as I remember how she took right to the new leg and walked all around. She even got up and down a few times. It's incredible...

Trying it out...

The crowds came to see her...

Ronnie shows Sitka what to do!

Sunday wants one too!
Look how easily she can lay down.

Ronnie and Sitka- Her first walk on her new leg. She could never walk this fast with such long strides!

Now it's Belmont's turn. Ronnie very generously donated Belmont's leg to Shiloh! Belmont was rescued with an old fractured and crippled knee, he can get around, but he is slow and it causes him pain. We are hoping his new leg will redistribute his weight, allowing him to move freely and more comfortably. Looks like it is working!

It takes the weight off of his crippled knee...

He was happy with it!

Look at him go! He is so fast now!

Go Belmont!

Okay, then things got nuts out at the ranch! The wind kicked up and there was the WORST DUST STORM we have ever seen! You could hardly stand up in the wind and at times, you could not see a thing. We were blinded and finally we all took refuge in the Cherry Pie Lounge and the Barn aisle. It was crazy!
Watch this video of some of the storm!

From then on it was like a scene from Mad Max!

I think Dave is flying in the wind here!

Sally looking all Blade Runner Christmasie...

Eric looking like a desert rat!

But the most creative person was John who used clear tape to shield his eyes from the dust and sand!

Then he taped the clear cake plastic cover to his head! He was the only one who could go outside and see anything!

What a day!


Eric Clayton said...

HAHAHAHAHHA!!! I am nearly in tears reading this entry. John was HILARIOUS!

the 4 D's said...

I had a moment~ tears of JOY seeing these pictures of Sitka. I am real sorry I missed this! Thank You Mr. Graves for helping Sitka & Belmont. Congrats on the new filly, Lucero. She's a Beauty!!!
Thank you to ALL of the people that donated to the "Sitka Yard Sale" And to Robin, Adrianna, Darian, Jenn & Doug for your help w/ the sale. Without you, I could not have done this. It was VERY WINDY and we had fun chasing the items down the street. Not a good day for a sale but we made $254.00.
Every bit helps.

Found art blog said...


I'm soooooo happy!!!!!

Mikey said...

That is so neat to see! Love that the Shiloh name is on her new leg. What a heartwarming story!

Mom said...

You have seen so much of the end of life - I'm glad you get to see the wonderful beginning with Amiga's Lucero. It is so fantastic to see Sitka and Belmont's new legs! What a wonderful gift Ronnie has - to be able to alleviate pain in this way. My best wishes to all of you.