Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another video of yesterday's horrible windstorm!

First of all- BIG THANKS to the Hickey Family for hosting Sitka's Yardsale yesterday. ALthough it turned out to be a horrible day to have a yard sale with the windy weather, they still raised $254.00 for Sitka's Fund. THANK YOU to everyone who helped and donated yard sale items!

We are lucky that no animal or person was hurt with this wind. There was just nothing anyone could do but try to get out of it. It actually lasted a couple of hours and now everything, including all of the horses, is covered with dirt.

Watch Eric's video below:


the 4 D's said...

Gee Eric !!! Why were we just standing there?? Im still cleaning sand from all nooks & areas we wont bring up .Now I know what sandblasting feels like .

Eric Clayton said...

You and me both, Dave! haha.

Sharil said...
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Sharil said...

I had a nice exfoliating facial yesterday in the sand storm but then again only at SHILOH!!! Thanks to Eric and Dave for helping me put Cochise back in the pasture. Im sure he THANKS you as well since my contacts felt like they had sand paper in them and I had no idea where I was headed!!!