Sunday, December 7, 2008

Some odds and ends...

Some great news as Sadler finds his new home with Esther of Talisman Farms in Las Vegas. A great home for this really nice gelding.

Stuart Wishart ran and finished the Las Vegas Marathon and raised over $1,000 for the Shiloh Horses! That is so wonderful for the horses and congratulations on running the Marathon!

The Feed Fairy Program is going wonderfully! So far the December Feed Fairies have bought 23 bags of Senior Feed for the horses! Find out how to become a Feed Fairy.

Our Christmas tree in the Cherry Pie area!

Deonna and Robin manned a Shiloh table at Darian's school craft show. They raised $147.00 for Sitka! Thanks guys!

Big shoes and baby shoes!

Sally's dog, Ladybug, has THE weirdest hair!

Look how far it sticks off of her head!

The Big Vacation Village horses in their trees on Saturday morning.

Moonshine at the trot with Daria...


Cheri said...

Lady bug is so punk! Love her hair, not everyone can pull that off :)

Sharil said...

I love your hair Lady Bug, mine looks like that every morning!!! hahaha

Eric Clayton said...

I can't wait to snap a picture with Gus in front of the tree! haha. :)

the 4 D's said...

The ranch looks so beautiful all decorated for Christmas!!! I want to put presents under the tree.The site looks very festive as well. Thank you for making our home away from home a Christmas To Remember!
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!