Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Snowy Weds!

Well, it was very cold out at the ranch this morning, by noon the snow had begun to fall! We doubled checked all the horses, put on some more blankets, and made sure all was buttoned down tight for the weather.

Sally and I always worry about all of the animals out at Shiloh, and we can only relax when we know everyone is taken care of. All of the old guys, the crippled horses, horses with thinner coats, and horses with special needs are blanketed. Every horse at Shiloh has access to shelter at all times (both man made and thick trees), and the most needy horses have barn stalls. Daisy, Shaggy, and Flower have had to stay in their stall for most of the time, we just don't want them to wander during this cold weather. Daisy is very angry and hates her blanket! The ranch dogs have access to the heated office, it's nice and cozy in there with the heat turned up. The Feral Cats have tons of food and sleep under the office and in the blanket and feed rooms. The pigs' houses are deeply bedded with tons of straw for burrowing. The goats, burros, mules, and other wanderers have access to the barn and Mare Motel aisles as well as open bedded stalls. We moved Slew, the older crippled goat, into the barn stall with the new pig who we have named "Sausage Patty". (Can you stand it?)

We have also increased the amount of hay being fed at each feeding. This way all the horses, whether in pasture or in a corral, can eat hay continually to help stay warm.

Look at the snow in the mountains.

Okay, we tried again. This time we tried to put sweatshirts on the pigs- it did not work...

Who knew that sweatshirts aren't made for pigs?

But, Slew does have one on. His is from CSI. He will be ready if there are any major crime scenes at the rescue. Let's hope there aren't any, but you just never know what might happen at Shiloh! :o)
Not at Shiloh, but in my backyard. Suker, my Toy Poodle, loves the snow!

He had a great time out there!

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Mikey said...

I can not get over all that snow!!! That's wild!
We're feeding extra too here and got the blankets on!!
No snow, but it's cold.