Monday, December 1, 2008

Tony on TV

Tony on the Late Late Show last week... Thought you guys might like to see him in action. :o)


Cheri said...

Thanks for sharing, man, hes still got it! That sexy voice, you dont even have to see whos speaking, what an
interesting man still. I can see why you are in love Jill!

KellyByrd1 said...

So well spoken, kind, and gentile- how lucky are we to be privy to his altruistic endeavors at Shiloh... If you really want to make some money, you should sell the secret to his skin care- he looks like a million bucks! Fantastic interview, Tony! Great going, Jill!

Juli Thorson said...

Thanks for putting this up for those of us who can't quite manage to stay up late anymore. Tony was great! Super to see him walking, too.

Jo Deibel said...

Hey Jill,

Thank you for posting... I Tivo'd it and the darn thing didnt work (more than likely I wasnt doing something right!) so glad I got to see it!


Eric Clayton said...

Nicely done, Tony. :)