Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Levi Company Makes a Donation to the Shiloh Horses!

With HUGE thanks to Volunteers and Shiloh Supporters, Sandi and John, the Levi Company, as in Levi clothing, donated 10 custom truck backs to Shiloh! These truck backs were used in a Levi Clothing display here in Las Vegas, but were no longer needed. John learned about this and asked Levi if they would donate them. With John and Sandi's urging and persuasion, Levi's not only agreed to donate the truck backs, but they also donated the heavy equipment, semi trucks, and manpower to deliver and set them up at the rescue!

These ten "buildings' have already changed Shiloh's landscape. We are configuring them to create a bunkhouse, an adoption center and classroom, a Shiloh store, and best of all a medical area for horses who need more intensive care. Using 5 of the buildings, we are setting up three medical corral areas with run ins, and a larger closed in "stall" which can be used for a vet care area, a Farrier area, and where we can eventually hang up a sling when needed.

On top of that, Shiloh has also received a $5,000.00 Grant from the ASPCA to outfit and set up this Medical Area!

We are all very excited about this new project and the horses that we will be able to help in the future.

The first truck back arrives!

The adoption center area. This building has a huge window.

One of the eventual Medical corrals.

More of the adoption center/classroom.

Here comes another one!

Of course, nothing is ever smooth sailing- while trying to move in part of the Store, the forklift got stuck in the mud created by all of the snow!

It was buried deep...

Our neighbor, Harold, donated the use of his huge tractor to pull the fork lift out. Look how wet the Mare Motel corrals were from the snow and water run off. The store building is still stuck and will have to remain where it is for a few days until the ground dries up a bit. Then , it will be moved into position and the Mare Motel put back together.

Curry and Sarge watch the action...

Tony and John share a laugh.
Sharil and Felipe show off their Levis!

Go Levis!
We thank John and Sandi, the Levi Company, the movers, Shiloh's neighbor Harold, and everyone who pitched in to help get this project going. We cannot wait until it is all up and running!


Mikey said...

What a great donation! That is so neat! That's going to make a big change for Shiloh. I'm very excited for you!

Found art blog said...

BRILLIANT!! What a fabulous Christmas present to Shiloh!!!

Tamaka said...

This is both impressive and inspirational! What a great use of these shipping containers. This could be a good solution for other rescues with housing/shelter needs.

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of my brother and sis-in-law, John and Sandi for their work with Shiloh and making this donation happen. Visiting Shiloh was a real priviledge for me. Thank you for this great work.