Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sitka's Raffle Winners and More!

Tony drew the names for Sitka's Raffle! Here are the winners:

1st Prize: Pat Moore
2nd Prize: Kelly Byrd
3rd Prize: Lisa Kirk

Congratualtions all winners, thank you everyone for your support for Sitka! Your prizes will be mailed out to you tomorrow! (Kelly Byrd- we will bring your prize to Shiloh!)

Pictures from Thursday:
The "Three Amigos" eating breakfast in the Bungalows. Tattoo, Will, and Crusoe have become fast friends!

The Chicken's sign. We used donated army camo netting for shade!

The Chickens and their straw filled winter houses...

Inca eats off of the feed cart...

Breakfast in The Cuckoo's Nest- Gladys Noche, Sapphire, and Lex.

Sarge waiting for Santa under the tree...

Amiga looks like she will be delivering very, very soon!

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Found art blog said...

YAY!! Hope you enjoy the painting, Kellybyrd!! And I hope Sitka's Magic Leg fitting goes well too!!