Sunday, December 28, 2008

The last few days...

I am sorry that I haven't been blogging for the last three days! There has just been so much happening, I have just been swamped.

First off, Hollywood, one of my own old personal horses passed away suddenly on Friday morning. She was 30 years old and I owned her for 22 years, so it was devastating for me. Woody, who was my second horse after Serenity, was a wonderful and beautiful mare in her prime, she was a Jumper and an upper level Three Day horse who excelled at Cross Country, where it was rare that she would have a time fault. Woody had her quirks- in all of the 22 years right up until the end, she would NOT tie, she was impossible to keep weight on, and she was very vocal. Every morning, she would wait and whinny for her Equine Senior. Serenity and Woody spent the last few months in the Bungalows where they had an indoor stall and the freedom of the whole Bungalow turnout. Last Friday morning, she was found down in the early morning, and although Leo and Dave tried to get her up and standing, she just wouldn't. She was tired and she laid back with a sigh and passed away quietly. I was just rushing through the Shiloh gates when she passed, but I know that Dave and Leo showed her great kindness in her last few moments, something I am grateful for and something she deserved. She was not in pain, not sick, just old and tired. Hollywood was buried near her longtime friend, Austral, in Jill's pasture under the Mesquites. Sadly, Renny is now alone for the first time in almost 20 years, but she looks like she is making new friends with Jingle Bell, her new barn mate. It was very sad, as Renny would sniff the ground where Woody had laid and then call out over and over. I am so thankful, and I console myself with the fact that, Woody was well cared for, wanted for nothing, was loved and cherished all the way into her old age, and I saw her everyday for the past 22 years. She passed naturally, without pain, when her time came.

Below is a picture of me and Hollywood competing back in the old days. Thank you Woody for taking such good care of me over those incredible fences, you always kept me safe.

Rest in peace my old friend.
On a happier note, here are some pictures from the ranch from this past weekend:

Breezer sneaks a treat!

The Hickey Family and Deonna's father put a roof on our new Welcome/Adoption Center! It looks wonderful! THANK YOU!

Lucero couldn't decide if she wanted to lay inside or outside...

So, she chose both!

Serenity and new arrival, Jingle Bell in the big turnout. Bell is doing much better, she is eating like crazy and actually trotted a little in the turn out! Serenity, the bay, is my first horse that I got at age 14. Both Bell and Renny are living side by side in the barn.

But, just when things were getting better- we had another emergency! Calypso, who we treated for a mild case of colic on Friday afternoon, showed colic signs on Saturday morning. So, we decided to bring her into Desert Pines. We also took Arson back in, he had a swollen jaw and side of his face and was feeling very sick. We brought him in for an evaluation and to find out what is going on with him. We were concerned about an impacted tooth or something like that.

Calypso in the clinic...

She is tubed by Dr. Ballard. She has a strange impaction in her colon. She is doing fine in her hydration, so we are worried about a possible stone.

He checks her stomach fluid, which looked normal.

Her blood was drawn. We left Calypso in the clinic. I had an update on her this morning, she is doing a little bit better, but still has the impaction, although she is passing manure with oil in it from her tubing. I will know more tonight or in the morning.

Then, it was Arson's turn. He is looking so sad! Notice his swollen left cheek and eye, poor guy!

Poor Arson!

Dr. Ballard ultrasounds his cheek.

Then he checks way inside his mouth. Everything was inconclusive, but his bloodwork showed very elevated white blood cells showing an infection. We also kept Arson there so that he can be watched closely and treated very aggressively. I will keep everyone updated, he was still the same this morning after speaking to the vet.
To end on a brighter note, as this has been a hard week at the rescue, here are more pics from today:

A little Revenge! As usual, Salsa stuck his nose where it didn't belong! This time, the thing he stuck it in, stuck back!
Felipe's puppy, Coby looking super cute!


Jenny K. said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Hollywood. What a wonderful 22 years she must have given you. I am also saddened to hear of the illness of Calypso. She was the most gentle, wonderful lesson horse! After 26 years away from riding, she really helped me get my confidence and balance back! I love her like she was my own. I'll keep her, and Arson, in my prayers!

Mikey said...

So very sorry about Hollywood. What an amazing horse, that jump is HUGE!! But what a life she had. I think it's wonderful that she had a forever home with you, something most horses never know. That's something to cherish.
Will pray for Arson and Calypso. Poor Arson, he's just having all kinds of problems! Hope they get better soon.

Eric Clayton said...

Again, Jill, I am sorry for your loss of Hollywood. But, like you said, at least she had a wonderful life and was loved and cared for. :)

But, on a funny note, Salsa fought with that trash can for about ten minutes. haha :)

Amy Jo said...

The fact that you were able to keep Hollywood for so long and Serenity still is a real testament to you and your family. As a 14 year old girl i am guessing you did not have the means to keep Serenity on your own, and for sure Sally must have made the effort to hang on to these first horses. I commend you for the forever homes you provided so well. Woody could not have wanted for more. It is so common for show horses to be churned and churned and end up in a fate unknown and often unwelcome.
'O, heavenly Father, protect and bless all things that have breath; guard them from all evil, and let them sleep in peace.'" Albert Schweitzer