Monday, January 11, 2010

We are back from out trip, it is great to be home!

First off, Shiloh congratulates Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue in PA for their recent GFAS accreditation. The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries is now accrediting horse rescues who meet their stringent standards. This is not easy to do and takes great dedication and hard work to achieve. Angel Acres joins Habitat for Horses in GFAS. Shiloh is planning to apply for our accreditation later this year. Great job, Jo and AA!

Meanwhile, all was good at Shiloh over the weekend.

Little BB, standing strong. He has really gained weight and spunk!

Iceman, Liberado and Boone played in the turn out.

In Atlanta, Shiloh's Painted Pony was officially announced! Our life size figure of Shiloh was there for the kickoff and was a big hit! The collectible Shiloh figurines will be available in stores in March. We will also have them available on our website and at Shiloh Ranch.

The life size.

Big Shiloh with the figurine. They are so neat and we could not be more excited.

Look how cool Tony's paintings looks on Big Shiloh.

Look at his hindquarters and tail! It's a palm tree!

The collectible figurine.

The other side.

Isn't he great?
Tony kissed Big Shiloh for the crowd...

Me with Little Shiloh.

A portion of all the proceeds of Shiloh the Painted Pony goes toward caring for the horses in the rescue.

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